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Dan R. Goddard

Goudstikker collection “Reclaimed” from Nazis

Appeared in Jan. 2010 Glasstire In 1940, the influential Dutch Jewish art dealer Jacques Goudstikker, his wife Desi and their one-year-old son Edo fled the invading Nazis on a cargo ship bound for England. But within 48 hours of their escape, he died in a freak accident, falling through an open hatch on the ship’s […]

Michele Monseau’s “swing song”

Appeared in Winter 2009 Art Lies Generally, the landscapes at the McNay Art Museum, like landscapes everywhere, are anchored to the wall, the iron rule of the horizon line splitting land from sky at a satisfying and reassuring 90-degree angle to the floor. But Michele Monseau plays with our expectations of landscape etiquette with her […]

Leigh Anne Lester’s “Franken-flora”

Appeared in Fall 2009 Art Lies Derived from historical botanicals, Leigh Anne Lester’s graphite and colored pencil drawings on translucent Mylar appear delicate and beautiful. However, each depicts what the artist calls “Franken-flora,” ominous amalgams inspired by the threats and promises of genetic modification. The boundaries between the naturally-occurring and the manmade blur as Lester […]

Meg Langhorne romances nature

Appeared in Fall 2009 Art Lies The rape of nature takes a romantic twist in San Antonio artist Meg Langhorne’s “Animal,” featuring exquisite gouache on paper paintings of burly, macho men embracing swooning creatures with deer heads attached to voluptuous women’s bodies. Derived from the covers of romance novels, these paperback book-size works are humorous […]

“Communion of Saints” at David Shelton

“A Communion of Saints” brings together 12 artists from cities that share a Spanish colonial heritage, six from Santa Barbara and six from San Antonio, to see if perhaps there are any similarities. But in a fragmented art world fractured along conceptual lines, it’s hard to see much of a sense of place. Rather than […]

South Texas artists heart Blood and Tissue Center

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center strives to deliver the highest quality blood and tissue services for the lowest possible cost, but the center still manages to devote 1 percent of its construction budget to building a remarkable collection of contemporary art by San Antonio artists. The center’s board recognizes the connection between healing […]

Tom Slick — International Art Collector

Appeared in Glasstire September 2009 Though a plane crash ended his life prematurely at age 46, San Antonio businessman and philanthropist Tom Slick Jr. had enough adventures for several lifetimes. He founded the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, the Southwest Research Institute and the Mind Science Foundation, but he also found time to travel the […]

“Lonely Are the Brave” elegy for an era

Appeared in Glasstire August 2009 Curator Hills Snyder provides a poignant end to an era with “Lonely Are the Brave” at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center . Inspired by the 1962 film starring Kirk Douglas that serves as an elegy to the finale of the Western frontier, the exhibit is also the last show […]

Public art enhances new Museum Reach

On the upper part of the new Museum Reach of the San Antonio River Walk, you walk into the gaping jaws of a jaguar as you descend from street level into a grotto with dripping stalactites and a splashing waterfall, a $3 million fairy tale creation by San Antonio artist Carlos Cortés . He carved […]

“Texas Draws” at Southwest School of Art & Craft

In “Confounded,” Corpus Christi artist Jimmy Pena combines an upside-down male torso with the right-side-up torso of a female, seamlessly joined at the mid-section in a maddening metaphor of our financial consternation. The skin of the headless figure with polar opposite genitals is plastered with headlines about last fall’s economic meltdown. But Pena, despite having […]