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Unit B: Michelle Monseau’s “Elephant in the Room”

Lucky has been anything but. A 46-year resident of the San Antonio Zoo, the sixtyish, female elephant became a cause célèbre for animal rights activists after her longtime companion Alport died in 2007, leaving Lucky alone. Since then, she’s gained a new friend, Boo, but Lucky remains, as she has been since she was captured […]

Laura McPhee: River of No Return

“Laura McPhee: River of No Return” continuing through Nov. 20 Southwest School of Art In her monumental photographs of Idaho’s remote Sawtooth Valley, Laura McPhee investigates the contemporary reality of the majestic landscapes in the West, reminiscent of landmark paintings by Albert Bierstadt or Thomas Moran. Her approach is decidedly 19th century. For three years, […]

Meredith Dean’s Transpositions” at REM

Meredith Dean’s “Transpositions” REM Gallery Through July 1 Fleeting glimpses and the multiple levels of information they can contain merge in Meredith Dean’s “Transpositions.” Responding to a specific place on a given date, each of her puzzle-cut relief prints incorporate layers upon layers of information derived from various types of maps, including geographic, topographic, sky, […]

Guadalupe’s “Trans/Action” faces tough economy

Artists generally can’t afford to be too materialistic, but they can be counted on to come up with creative responses to tough economic times. Director Patty Ortiz has assembled four artists who “tend to look for deeper values, such as beauty” in “Trans/Action” through June 25 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. “You are what […]

Steve Reynolds: Serial Investigations in Sculpture

Appeared in the January 2011 Glasstire An influential figure in ceramics for 40 years, Steve Reynolds pioneered the idea that clay is supple and malleable and can be used like any other media to ponder difficult philosophical and aesthetic issues. Seeking to elevate ceramics to the same high art status as painting and sculpture, Reynolds’ […]