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Gallery Nord: “Four Emerging Artists”

Russian-born Mark Cheikhet is a master violinist who also paints, seeking to fuse the arts into something that Wassily Kandinsky called “Gesamtkunstwerk,” or the total work of art. With a palette that conjures Marc Chagall, Cheikhet creates abstract paintings of shimmering colors and vibrating bands of white that he considers part of his struggle for […]

Danville Chadbourne’s moving retrospective

Read more on my blog Alamo City on Glasstire San Antonio artist Danville Chadbourne’s weathered ceramic and painted wood assemblages might be the ancient artifacts of an unknown civilization. Made with clay, wood, stone, fiber and bone, the organic materials suggest a lost culture closely tied to nature. Representing a vast, sprawling world of the […]

Michele Monseau’s “swing song”

Appeared in Winter 2009 Art Lies Generally, the landscapes at the McNay Art Museum, like landscapes everywhere, are anchored to the wall, the iron rule of the horizon line splitting land from sky at a satisfying and reassuring 90-degree angle to the floor. But Michele Monseau plays with our expectations of landscape etiquette with her […]

Leigh Anne Lester’s “Franken-flora”

Appeared in Fall 2009 Art Lies Derived from historical botanicals, Leigh Anne Lester’s graphite and colored pencil drawings on translucent Mylar appear delicate and beautiful. However, each depicts what the artist calls “Franken-flora,” ominous amalgams inspired by the threats and promises of genetic modification. The boundaries between the naturally-occurring and the manmade blur as Lester […]

Meg Langhorne romances nature

Appeared in Fall 2009 Art Lies The rape of nature takes a romantic twist in San Antonio artist Meg Langhorne’s “Animal,” featuring exquisite gouache on paper paintings of burly, macho men embracing swooning creatures with deer heads attached to voluptuous women’s bodies. Derived from the covers of romance novels, these paperback book-size works are humorous […]