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January 2010

“Texas Draws” at Southwest School of Art & Craft

In “Confounded,” Corpus Christi artist Jimmy Pena combines an upside-down male torso with the right-side-up torso of a female, seamlessly joined at the mid-section in a maddening metaphor of our financial consternation. The skin of the headless figure with polar opposite genitals is plastered with headlines about last fall’s economic meltdown. But Pena, despite having […]

SAMA’s “Waterflow” heralds Museum Reach

Water is life. Without the vast underground reservoir known as the Edwards Aquifer, which feeds and sustains the San Antonio River, this city of 1.3 million probably would be empty desert. In conjunction with the opening of the Museum Reach, curator David Rubin of the San Antonio Museum of Art has gathered 15 local artists […]

Pace Foundation plans for new San Antonio museum designed by British architect David Adjaye

Famed British architect David Adjaye’s preliminary design for the collection of the late San Antonio art patron Linda Pace features cantilevered skylights above four spacious galleries. To be located on Camp Street in a spot currently occupied by an old warehouse, the building will be clad in red, the signature color for Pace, who once […]

A river runs through San Antonio

Appeared in the April 2009 issue of AmericanStyle A river runs through San Antonio, linking the past and future of the sprawling city of 1.4 million. Canary Islands settlers arrived in 1731 to claim the region for the Spanish crown. A string of five missions grew along the river – including one famous for the […]