Guadalupe’s “Trans/Action” faces tough economy

"30% less fat" (We the People Series) (2006) by Ester Partegas

Artists generally can’t afford to be too materialistic, but they can be counted on to come up with creative responses to tough economic times. Director Patty Ortiz has assembled four artists who “tend to look for deeper values, such as beauty” in “Trans/Action” through June 25 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.

“You are what you buy” might be the dictum for today’s hyper consumers. Spanish-artist Ester Partegas, born in Barcelona and a resident of Brooklyn, illustrates this submersion of personal identity to brand-name status consciousness. Her backgrounds are gritty, 1950s-style black-and-white photographs of people’s legs, feet and shopping bags, but their upper bodies are blotted out with abstract swaths of color that appear spray painted, overlaid with rectangular blocks containing commercial taglines such as “No Prescription Necessary” and “Styled By.” While working with formal issues, Partegas shows people becoming their labels, their selves smothered by the gaseous onslaught of pervasive advertising.

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